counselling myths


#1 Counselling is for people who can't deal with their problems.

Reality:  Everyone experiences difficulties during their lifetime, being able to ask for help and gaining support from a counsellor is a sign of strength.

#2 Counselling is just talking.

Reality:  Counselling provides a space for you to think and talk about the things that are important to you.  As well as talking about things, you may choose to use art and other activities to help you tell your story.

#3 Counsellors can read your mind.

Reality:  Your counsellor will only know what you tell them. 

#4 The counsellor will judge me.

Reality:  Counsellors never judge clients.   However, when sharing difficult things it can often feel like we are being judged and it is important to tell your counsellor if you are feeling this way.  

#5 Counselling goes on forever.

Reality:  Counselling can be both long term and short term.  However, the majority of counselling is short term between eight and fifteen sessions.

# 6 The counsellor will tell my parents or my teacher what I have said.

Reality:  The things you say to the counsellor are confidential and kept between you.  The counsellor would only tell someone else if they were worried about your safety.

# 7 I have to tell the counsellor everything.

Reality:  You decide what to share in counselling and it may take a while before you are comfortable talking to your counsellor about certain things.  It is important to work at the pace you are comfortable with.

# 8 Counsellors are weird.

Reality: Counsellors are the same as everyone else.  If you don't like your counsellor you can ask to see a different counsellor.

# 9 Everyone will know I go to counselling.

Reality: Only the people you choose to tell will know you go to counselling.  You can choose to see a counsellor outside of school.

# 10 Counsellors give you advice.

Reality: The counsellor will help explore the things you want to talk about, but they will not tell you what to do.