we understand how grief can make you feel

Do you feel like your world has been turned upside down? Are you feeling overwhelmed and that nobody understands? Did anyone teach you about grief? When someone we love dies life may never be the same. Grief is a natural response that we go through in coming to terms with our loss. Here are some of the things you may be thinking or feeling:

Gone! Why?
Right when I needed you most
Inside I feel empty, frightened and alone
Everyone else is getting on with their lives, I feel ‘different’ now
Friends don’t know what to say to me, I want to be normal


Really don’t know who I am anymore
Everything has completely changed
All I see is darkness
Life doesn’t feel safe now
Laughter and fun have gone forever
Yearly anniversaries and special occasions will be so painful


How do I carry on going to school?
Ugly thoughts keep me awake all night, I’m so tired and dazed
Rivers of tears fill my heart, I can’t bear it
Teachers just don’t understand
Sometimes I don’t want to be here anymore


All of these thoughts and feelings are normal! It helps to make sense of things by sharing your experience and being heard by somebody that DOES really understand.  A warm and caring professional bereavement counsellor can give you the time and space to really support you through your difficult time