how counselling helped me

When my school suggested I give counselling a try, after my Mum died last year at first I said “No way – I don’t need to see anyone!”

So they left me to think about it, but said I could just meet up with a counsellor for a chat to start with, to find out more about how counselling could maybe help me.

Once I realised I didn’t have to continue if I didn’t want to, I decided to give it a go… and I’m really glad I did because - not only was it not like I thought it would be – but it really did help me, to cope better with what I was feeling…

I began to look forward to the sessions each week as a sort of special time that was just for me. And it wasn’t all talking either: sometimes we just drew or did another activity but somehow whatever we did, I found it really helped in a way I never thought it could.

So if you’ve been offered counselling I would say “Go on - give it a go!”

You never know, like me you might be surprised to find out how much it actually helps.
— Sam